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How should biltong be stored?

Depending on how you selected your biltong to be delivered to you e.g. paper bag, vacuum packed or pouch, will depend on how we suggest you keep the biltong.


Let’s face it, if you love it as much as we do – it won’t be around for long!


The pouches will have a shelf life date on the back of the packets, once opened consume within 3 days.


The wetter the biltong, the faster it will deteriorate. (The UK low humidity levels like they do in South Africa, therefore we have to make sure we keep the biltong as dry as possible).  It can be stored outside a fridge for up to 3 days, or until eaten.  Alternatively keep in the fridge, or freeze if you have purchased a large quantity.


Should you choose to freeze the biltong, once it starts to defrost it will start to release moisture, we suggest wiping the excess water off the biltong, and mixing it up during the defrosting process.  The combination of moisture, oxygen and warmth is a dangerous combination.  Once fully defrosted, it’s good to eat.


Just make sure you keep your biltong as dry and well ventilated as you can all the time. Don’t store in sealed containers, biltong needs to breathe, and this method of storage give rise to the product sweating.


We manufacture our Biltong in a HACCP approved facility and a controlled environment, once you open the product the correct storage is up to you!