Gift Ideas

  • Biltong Taster Pack

    Biltong Taster Pack £20

    Not sure what flavour of biltong to order?
    Enjoy a selection of flavours?

    Then this taster pack is for you.  Enjoy a taster of each flavour below;

    50g x Original
    50g x Peri Peri
    50g x Chilli
    50g x Habanero Inferno
    50g x Garlic
    50g x Rosemary & Thyme
    50g x Weber Coffee Rub/Sriracha
    50g x Tandoori/Sriracha
    50g x Mrs Balls Chilli Chutney/Chutney

  • Biltong Variety Pack

    Biltong Variety Pack

    Do you know someone who loves biltong, but you’re not sure which flavour?

    Why not purchase a variety pack? Three or more delicious flavours to satisfy all tastes.

    Or perhaps it’s just another opportunity to spoil yourself!

  • giftcard

    e-Gift Card

    Do you know someone who loves biltong?

    If you do, then this is the PERFECT gift! That’s Christmas, Birthdays and special occasions all wrapped up!

    Choose the amount of money you would like to give them, and they can log onto the website and order using the code that we will issue.

    Trust us…. this is a biltong lover’s dream!

  • Wooden Biltong Cutter

    Handmade Wooden Biltong Cutter

    Solid Maple


    Wooden Biltong Cutter


    Only 4 left in stock