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  • Biltong Taster Pack

    Biltong Taster Pack £20

    Not sure what flavour of biltong to order?
    Enjoy a selection of flavours?

    Then this taster pack is for you.  Enjoy a taster of each flavour below;

    50g x Original
    50g x Peri Peri
    50g x Chilli
    50g x Habanero Inferno
    50g x Garlic
    50g x Rosemary & Thyme
    50g x Weber Coffee Rub/Sriracha
    50g x Tandoori/Sriracha
    50g x Mrs Balls Chilli Chutney/Chutney


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  • Biltong Variety Pack

    Biltong Variety Pack

    Do you know someone who loves biltong, but you’re not sure which flavour?

    Why not purchase a variety pack? Three or more delicious flavours to satisfy all tastes.

    Or perhaps it’s just another opportunity to spoil yourself!


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